I’m a self-motivated Software Engineer with 1+ year experience developing modern android apps for leading companies. Currently, I’m working at Zomato. I did my Bachelor of Engineering degree (Majors in Information Technology) from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, India.

I love all things tech, coffee and music. I’m skilled in android, kotlin and java. I’m passionate about back-end development and machine learning.

Things I currently do:

  • Ship new features and improve user experience for Zomato consumer app
  • Developing “Sangeet” music player app to learn material design and new android stuff
  • Maintain a blog of things I learn about code and life
  • Researching ideas and learning for my next side-project

Work, Project and more:

  • Restructured and maintained quick tools and yahoo apps as a software engineer at Samsung
  • I’ve worked as an intern at Samsung where I boosted security of apps by providing a security solution for android.
  • Contributed to Samsung Go platform where my ideas led to an improvement of battery life by 40%.
  • Worked at Intugine Technologies where I conceptualized and engineered complete architecture and api of Nimble, a motion sensing ring to control devices around you.
  • Built core Blink applications like system, dialer and fitness at Witworks, which has now been acquired by Myntra.
  • Sangeet, a beautiful music app made to showcase my design and architecture skills
  • Won 2nd prize at Smart India Hackathon for making Rakshak, a secure email client to save companies sensitive data from email service providers.
  • Designed and developed my college fest Bitotsav 2017 app.
  • Participated in “Hack in the north” hackathon where we made Visio, to help visually impaired people use social media
  • Implemented Data mining algorithms and project in python and using RapidMiner.
  • Developed the clone android game of the famous DxBall for CGM course assignment project.
  • Created a “Mr. Robot” and “Rick and Morty” cross-over story-based CTF event problem involving apk-decompilation and analysis of encrypted pdf.
  • Created a Google Chrome theme based on Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.

Some things I hope to do:

  • Explore web development
  • Learn about functional programming
  • Design and animate stuff for fun
  • Practise more drumming and maybe buy my own drumkit. Learn about music
  • Assemble my own customized desktop PC for development and stuff
  • Start a fun project - maybe making retro synthwave music

About this site

This is my personal blog and website. It has my thoughts about stuff that I’ve been upto; Which is mostly android, technology, life, coffee, music etc. It’s content are in no way affiliated with my employer.

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