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Hi. I’m a software engineer mostly working in Android and Java, and this is my blog.

I pursued my B.E. (Major in Information Technology) at BIT Mesra, Ranchi, India. Currently, I am an intern at Samsung R&D Institute Noida , India and have accepted a job offer from the same. I’m also developing “Musique” music player app in my spare time.

Upcoming posts

Now let me pique your interest with what you can expect from this blog. I’ll be writing about Android stuff regularly from now on and also a weekly update on stuff that I found or did.

  • Personal:
    • Weekly update (tech, life, music, animes, tv series, movies, games etc.)
  • Android:
    • Learning Android development.
    • Increasing gradle perf.
    • Bluetooth Low Engery API and it’s basic usage.
    • Basic stuff around using Git as VCS.
    • Understanding SOLID principles.
    • Clean architecture, MVP pattern and why it makes sense.
    • Maintaining quality of android projects.
    • Using new parts of Java 8.
    • Functional programming concepts and implementation in android.
    • Getting started with RxJava2.
    • Using Dagger2 for Dependency injection.
    • Learning Android Testing.
    • Guide to making beautiful UI and animations.
    • How I made Musique player.
  • Arch Linux:
    • Installing arch linux in VM.
    • Sharing and explaining my dot files.
    • How to make arch linux usable and ricing.
  • Design stuff I make.

Recommendations and reviews

These are the things I’ve enjoyed lately.

TV Series and Animes

  1. Stranger things: A treat for Sci-fi lovers.
  2. The IT Crowd: For your inner nerd.
  3. Mr. Robot: For anybody remotely interested in computers.
  4. Black mirror: Shows how tech can be misused, but watch on your own risk.
  5. Ergo proxy: An unconventional and eerie anime. I have to admit I read an explanation to understand it completely.
  6. Brooklyn Nine Nine: Found this through facebook ads, I’m happy that I saw that ad.


  1. Evil Within 2: A good game. Although I had hilariously horrible performance on my graphic card (It’s old).
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn: Two words - Beautiful graphics (I watched a friend play it).
  3. Witcher 3 - The Wild Hunt: Best game I’ve ever played from any perspective - story, gameplay, graphics, music etc.


  1. Trivium: “The Sin and the Sentence”, their latest album, in my opinion, is among their best work with a brilliant combination of melody, screams and drums. Their album “Shogun” is a pretty good place to start listening to them.
  2. Porcupine tree: Modern Pink Floyd. “Sound of Muzak” is my favorite track from them.
  3. Dream Theatre: Their album “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory” is a beautiful story told through music and lyrics. The composition of how different instruments go around each other is just amazing.
  4. In flames: Underappreceated metal band. Good songs.
  5. Cage the elephant: “Trouble” and “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” are very good songs by them.

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