Weekly update 4

I have been getting lazy lately and skipped on a lot of tasks. From now on I’ll be starting a daily discipline daemon. Let’s hope it goes well.

I had a chance to research on different cryptography algorithms. I found that while AES is a balanced algorithm (fast and appropriately secure), Twofish (A finalist in the competetion in which AES algorithm was decided) is faster, and Serpent (A finalist too) is more secure owing to more number of rounds. But only AES is supported in android by default. I find it a bit unsettling that google didn’t even gave implementations for the other too.

Also while doing some UI smoothing work, I found that mathematical equations work miracles. Calculations done using them produce smooth results which look natural and very eye-pleasing.

In java related learnings, one day my code was about 1000 lines and a lot of it was repeated due to having different types. So I introduced generics, and my code reduced to 300 lines. The logic is now clear, code is more maintainable, easy to explain and expendable. I would recommend java/android devs to use it at appropriate places where logic is repeated for different types of data. Here is a good resource to learn about generics.

Memory usage is a pretty important thing too. I used android profiler to analyze the java heap dump, then filtered the classes via package name to check memory footprint of my app and library. The retained size shows the amount of memory that will get free if this particular object is garbage collected.

Tech articles and discovery

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  6. People at google are amazing - Making music using new sounds generated with machine learning
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  8. ML again - Implementing IphoneX faceId using deep learning
  9. Stack Overflow developer survey 2018
  10. Block compressor in Java, Go and C++.

Mr. Robot soundtrack

Mr. Robot soundtrack is a great piece of music - specially while you are coding. Highly recommended to put you into the flow quickly. Oh and quick fact - Sam esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot was himself a hacker (a pretty bad one but still) - that explains why the show is so good and close to actual hacking or computer culture.

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